Voerman Kunststoffen goes for the highest quality

Voerman Kunststoffen B.V. delivers high quality measuring cups, measuring jugs, buckets, calf buckets, rain gauges, thermometers, flower scoops, measuring cattle feed shovels and cattle cratches. Wide choice of diverse colours. Imprinted with your own logo or text. Plastic products of high quality with your own imprint and colour of your wish.  

More than 60 years of experience

With more than 60 years of experience in the area of plastic products and imprinting we can say that our products excellently fit the needs of the end users. By responding to the actual functionality of our plastic products they are firm, solid, strong and of very good quality, making them endurable for the long term.  

Voerman Nijmegen Building

In-house production

Our plastic products are produced with advanced injection molding machines. During the production process the quality is monitored closely in order to get the most out of our products. To assist our customers well and purposefully Voerman Kunststoffen works with a large assortment of stock colours. We keep all our products stocked in our warehouse in order to help the customer quickly and purposefully for the best price. From the warehouse the plastic products can be imprinted in our own press. After imprinting our plastic products they are prepared for transport.

Horse eat out of a orange bucket with voerman nijmegen imprint

Our People

The team of Voerman Kunststoffen consists of specialized machine operators and production employees. They ensure professional and high quality plastic products. Because of the in-house imprinting division the experienced directly think along with the needs of the client. Quality and reliability are our top priority. Within our team there is much attention to educating students. As an acknowledged learning company we offer the students the opportunity to prepare for the labour market.

Calve drinking milk out of a blue bucket